Big well done to the boy who loves cheese and milk more than anyone else I know for managing to go vegan. I’m struggling with transitioning to a vegetarian diet, so I have no idea how you’ve done it! So proud of you watercolour-world.

Wednesday Aug 8 @ 10:57am
Tuesday Aug 8 @ 10:30pm
Tuesday Aug 8 @ 09:00pm
Tuesday Aug 8 @ 07:30pm
Tuesday Aug 8 @ 07:30pm

My expenses claim from placement has come back so I did the sensible thing and bought new dresses. I’m thinking of wearing the mint one to my graduation though, so that’s a pretty essential purchase right?

Tuesday Aug 8 @ 07:12pm


Conor Oberst - Ladder Song - live & dedicated to Robin Williams Freiheiz…

Everything about this is perfect. I miss seeing these two preform together. Take me back.

Tuesday Aug 8 @ 11:06am


someone please tell me it isn’t only British people who do these things

Monday Aug 8 @ 11:04pm

Monday Aug 8 @ 10:30pm

kaleidoscopeheartz 😔


kaleidoscopeheartz 😔

Monday Aug 8 @ 09:00pm

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